Things You Would Want To Know Before Installing Expoxy Floors

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While thinking about installing a new floor in your commercial or industrial space, epoxy flooring might pop up. Given its popularity, many of the industrial coatings contractors might suggest the same. Epoxy flooring has become the favorite choice of many designers since it comes in many colors and textures, allowing it to blend with a range of themes and aesthetic choices.

However, to know if it matches and suits your needs, you need to know the following before making up your mind to get epoxy flooring for your space.

What Is The Purpose of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has become the preferred choice for industrial, commercial, and residential settings for its durability and cost-efficiency. The smooth epoxy floor is resilient and is able to withstand massive weights. Its slip-resistant surface further makes it suitable for use in inventories and warehouses where a lot of motorized equipment is used.

Although industrial epoxy floor coating is popular, it is even used in commercial and residential spaces. The seamless surface of the flooring prevents the trapping of dirt and bacteria in the grout-filled seams of the tiles. Epoxy flooring is installed in restaurants and homes in the kitchen, bathrooms, and pool areas to prevent falls and slips.

Method of Installation of The Epoxy Flooring

The industrial coatings contractors apply three coats of epoxy resin to get the proper epoxy flooring. The three applied coats comprise a primer coat, a body coat, and a top coat which is optional. Despite the three coats usually, contractors apply, the actual installation of epoxy depends on the type of initial surface.

The process begins with the preparation of substrate flooring that requires a textured profile. It is essential for the mechanical bonding of the resin to the surface. Both the epoxy resin and a hardener are mixed in proportion and then layered out smoothly.

Once the primer and the body coats of epoxy are poured and smoothed out, the polyurethane topcoat is used to give to the finishing touch and to make the epoxy floor abrasion-resistant.

The Cost Of Replacing Or Removing The Epoxy Flooring

Although epoxy is an enduring choice for flooring, it needs to be replaced at one point. It could be because the flooring has worn out, or you need to revamp your space. Despite the removal process being easy, getting the help of a professional is always wise.

A strippinng solution is required along with a mop, metal scrapper, goggles, face mask, and gloves to remove the worn-out epoxy. It is an inexpensive process that won’t cost you much.

Cost-Efficiency Of Epoxy Flooring

The cost of the epoxy floor increases with its thickness. However, it is still less than that of tiles that come with an additional cost of installation. Epoxy flooring comes in a range of color and designs, which can also be tweaked up by giving it a metallic touch.

Compatibility With A Range of Surfaces

Epoxy can be poured over almost any surface. Whether concrete, marble, ceramic, porcelain, or tile, it is compatible with nearly all surface types.


Epoxy itself is a hard and durable material. However, to reinforce its strength and make it more resistant, polyurethane or polyaspartic top coat is used. It enables the floor to handle around 10,000 psi without getting damaged which is why epoxy flooring is the primary choice for warehouse units, airports and other commercial and industrial locations. No matter how hard or resistant a surface is, it can scratch if pointed objects are dragged across it with force. To combat this, placing padding beneath the objects proves to be helpful.

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