The Advantages of Metal Roof Coating

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Metal roofs have long been used in various construction applications because they are recognized as durable and sustainable building components. You might be thinking about the performance of the assembly’s panels; it depends on the metal substrate, the metallic layer, and the exterior coating. These elements are important to the panel’s corrosion and weather resistance, color retention, along with overall longevity.

Why do you need metal roof coating systems?

A roof finished with a coating system will allow you to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, cooling/heating loads, and energy consumptions. That’s not all; in addition to directly benefiting the occupants and owners, these roofs also assist in benefiting the surrounding community by modifying the urban heat island effect.

Metal roofs are durable

You might not know this, but the durability rate of metal roofs can last a lot longer than most non-metal materials. Metal substances contain recycled content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their beneficial life.

Can handle extreme temperatures

Metal roofs can be designed to withstand extreme climate conditions and are more fire-resistant than other roofing materials such as asphalt or wood.

Lightweight and eco friendly

A metal roof can be one-eighth the weight of other roofing materials. Therefore, the load will be lighter on the foundation and structure while extending the life of the entire building. The lightweight system can also make the roof easier to move and install, which will save time, money and will be beneficial for the environment.

What metal is best for metal roof coating?

Aluminum and steel are both used for manufacturing metal roofs, with the latter being the most common. In weight, steel is ideal for economical metal roofing. Steel’s durability and strength throughout its working life, along with its lifecycle cost, can make it an attractive investment. Aluminum and steel are amongst the most recycled materials in the world, with more than 50% of steel supply in the United States and almost 40% of the aluminum supply in North America being produced through different recycled sources.

What about corrosion?

Corrosion can easily affect the structural durability and integrity of roof metals and alloys. Localized corrosion can easily lead to cracking, pitting, and fracturing the base, which will result in leakage or more serious problems for the building.

Weatherskin Vancouver will make sure that doesn’t happen to your metal roofs. We use protective metallic coatings that will make sure that your metal roof stays in perfect shape for a long time.

We offer state-of-the-art installations and clear epoxy concrete floor coating; contact us to know more about our services and get your free quote today.

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