Reasons You Need To Install Concrete Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

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It doesn’t matter whether you need to refurbish old and broken flooring or seal-proof your concrete floor – epoxy floor coating can easily reshape your space while strengthen your flooring. Epoxy floor coating is remarkably useful for preserving concrete surfaces and protecting against severe impacts all while maintaining its shinny glossy finish.

The garage is the one place of your house that withstands the most wear and tear, from oil spills to enduring massive weight and pressure, garage floors are usually the first flooring in your house that shows signs of cracking and damage.

Enter epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor coating is tough and seals your floor, while bringing safety and beauty to your garage. If your garage floor is unprotected and has been left open to damage, concrete epoxy coating can shield your floor from any additional damage while bringing a level of professional refinement that your floor might be lacking.

If you are still having second thoughts about garage floor epoxy coating then continue reading as we’re about to mention the top reason why you need to get concrete garage floor epoxy coatings today.

Enhanced visual appeal

The biggest reason why most people get epoxy coating installed on their garage floor is because it can completely transform the flooring and give it that sleek and glossy appeal. Whether you’re running a commercial auto garage or you just want to upgrade your residential garage floor; epoxy concrete garage floor will spruce up the setting while adding the an elegant look.

The shiny surface will also complement any decorative lighting you have installed in your garage, as light bounces off the epoxy, the entire space will light up light a shining star.

Takes care of defects

Epoxy not only beautifies your flooring, but it also fixes previous defects your garage floor might have sustained. You can get epoxy coatings in different designs and color options that can complement your garage’s setting. You can also use epoxy paint that will pair with epoxy coating to hide imperfections and giving you glossy surface.

Saves money

Most people think that getting epoxy coating will cost a lot of money, but that isn’t the case. Epoxy is an affordable option compared to other flooring options, tile or vinyl. If you opt for epoxy flooring then your current flooring material doesn’t need to be removed, sparing you a lot of time and expensive removal services. Upgrading your floor doesn’t need to include overly expensive and involved processes. If you opt for epoxy finish, then retaining your current floor will be as easy task, not to mention at gaining a smooth a bright new look.

If your old floor isn’t giving you the look that you’ve wanted then epoxy is a cost-effective and simple solution for residential and commercial garages. Epoxy installations needs a few new coats with drying time in between, but it still beats the time and money that other flooring would cost.


The best thing about epoxy coating is that it is resistant to a lot of things. Heat, oil, chemicals, you name it, epoxy is resistant to several substances. Its bears the brunt of intense heat, heavy shocks, chemicals and oils. Epoxy coating is ideal for garages since cars can emit many harsh chemicals.

Weatherskin Vancouver offers state-of-the-art installations that includes; basement floor coatings, and residential garage floor coating; contact us to know more about our services and get your free quote today.

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