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You might have heard about roof coating system as they are very popular and for good reason too. These systems offer several benefits to not just the owner of the building, but also to the tenant who occupies the building, while leaving a positive impact on the environment. A roof coating system is an existing roof or a new roof that has a high solar reflectivity along with high thermal emittance coating system that is applied to its membrane.

How can a roof coating installation help?

The roofing system allows the coating to reflect infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths while radiating the absorbed heat away from your roof. Cool roof coating systems are generally bright white in color but they can also come in different light color tan coatings.

Now that you’re aware of what a roof coating system is, let’s get down to the top five reasons of why you need to install one.

Safeguarding your roof from Sun

This is the biggest reason why people get roofing installations. The intense UV and heat rays are the leading causes of splitting, blisters and roof decay. These sun related damages crates leaks in the roof, which eventually causes structural damage as well as damages the contents inside the building. Installing Weatherskin’s roof coating system to your roof would prevent sunlight damage, protecting your roof while extending its life.

Spend less on cooling systems

Studies have shown that a cool roof system absorbs almost 8% of the sun’s heat, meanwhile an uncoated roof system absorbs more than 69% of the sun’s heat. This makes a major difference in temperature inside the building. When you install Weatherskin’s roof coating system, air temperature inside the building decreases substantially.

Vancouver WeatherSkin recently installed a roof coating system at a huge warehouse, which eliminated the need for a central cooling system. The different in the temperature wasn’t marginal, it was between 15-20 degrees cooler inside the warehouse than outside.

Spend less money on maintenance

People who keep their roofs unprotected spend a lot of money paying on the overall roof maintenance, if you install a roof coating system then not only will you have to pay less on the traditional maintenance coats but your roof life will also be expended.

Enhanced productivity and comfort

If your building has installed Weatherskin’s roof coating system then the temperatures will remain low which will also reduce the fluctuation. This results in a greater overall comfort for employees, customers, tenants with or without central air conditioning.


Weatherskin Vancouver offers state-of-the-art installations that includes epoxy floor coatings basement and residential epoxy floor coating; contact us to know more about our services and get your free quote today.

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