Interior/Exterior Wall Coating

Superior finish and performance over paint and oil-based membranes

Weatherskin Interior/Exterior Wall Coating

Weatherskin has combined the water-proofing attributes of membranes, flexibility of rubber and the finished look of premium elastomeric paint. The finish coating acts just like a skin on your walls and can be tinted to a full spectrum of colors. Texture can also be added to the coating to achieve a stucco-like finish. The wall coating experiences less than 1% fade in exterior applications. The coating in also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and fungus resistant with zero VOC’s after curing and extremely low VOC’s during application. Designed for blistering sun and harsh winters, our non-toxic wall coating is ideal for any environment, both inside and out.

Professional Interior/Exterior Wall Coating by Weather Skin Vancouver

Wall coating is a decorative or protective layer applied to internal or external walls. The coating has enough viscosity to withstand elemental damage, wear and tear, impact or abrasions. With time, your walls start to lose their resistance power and need a fresh coating to keep itself operational.

Weather Skin Vancouver specializes in the application of wall coating, painting and renders systems. Out service not only waterproofs your walls and protects them from harsh conditions, but it also gives an aesthetic finish. Our coating and renders outlast traditional paints, which means you can avoid the hassle of maintenance. Our acrylic wall coating gives you cost-effective benefits compared to regular house painting.

We have a range of colors and textures available that significantly transforms your property. We are proud to serve you as a reliable and trustworthy company for wall coatings.

Say Goodbye to Rusted, Chipped or Peeling Surface

We have the expertise to get rid of rusted, chipped or peeling walls by offering textured exterior wall coatings and interior walls. You can say goodbye to your old walls and welcome new aesthetics. Instead of painting, we have techniques like elastomeric wall coating that waterproofs your interior/exterior walls and protects them from damage.

Interior Coating Service

We beautify your home and rooms by offering a complete range of interior wall locating material. Refresh your entire home or the rooms of your choice with the help of our dedicated team. Our experts update your home interiors according to your choice and specification using interior waterproof wall coatings. We have the tools and expertise to shape your home according to your vision. We conduct a professional assessment and make recommendations to make your home aesthetically pleasing. We also have concrete wall coatings for basements to make them waterproof and save you from flooding. We take time in analyzing your vision, make preparations and carry out a top-quality service.

Over the years, our experts have helped homeowners with a variety of home renovation project. Whether you need a floor to ceiling coating or a small room upgrade. You can count on Weather Skin Vancouver to deliver you the best result. Our interior coating service includes:

  • Interior brick wall coating
  • Kitchen and living room coating
  • Single room service
  • Basement and garage coating

Our coating experts go through extensive training to apply the latest techniques for internal walls. You can rest assured that the best service in Vancouver is up for the job.

External Coating Experts

Exterior wall coating is a treatment offered for external home walls that directly face outside conditions. Our exterior wall coating has two primary functions. First is to give you an aesthetic appeal with a textured coating of exterior walls (combined with internal walls). Second is to provide low maintenance and enhancement of life span by making them durable. Therefore, the external wall coating is a procedure that needs high-quality material and expertise.

Fortunately, for our clients in Vancouver, our professional service is here to cater to your needs. All the material we use has approvals from concerned bodies, which makes then the best solution for textured exterior wall coatings. Our experts take a professional approach by assessing the conditions of the walls and then recommending the course of action. We keep our clients in the constant loop throughout the process and notify them of any updates.

Our exterior wall is about not only the product but also the way we apply. Our professional mannerism gives us the ability to understand your vision and proceed accordingly. Our exterior waterproof wall product gives your walls enough protection against harsh weather and seals interiors from flooding. You receive a twin bonus of protection and aesthetic pleasure.

Our exterior wall coating services include:

  • Waterproof exterior wall coatings
  • Fix cracked renders
  • Weatherproofing (wind, impact damage or high temperature)
  • Prevention of penetrating damp
  • Pebbledash repair
  • Damp and moisture proofing
  • Textures coting and rendering
  • Availability of different colors

Weather Skin Vancouver has a commitment to quality service and exceptional customer experience. We offer only the best to our customers and never back down from our promise. Our years of industry experience makes us your best choice for wall coating.

Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss details or for further queries.



Our non-corrosive, U.V. Stable, above/below ground approved products work in every environment and on virtually any material, including magnesium board and ICF block.


The lite-weight liquid membrane can be applied directly over asphalt, tar, metal, plywood, polyurethane foam, roll out shingles and other membranes.


Weatherskin epoxies have been created to exceed all the demands of modern architects, engineers and designers.

Interior/Exterior Wall Coating
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