How To Use Epoxy For Concrete Foundation Coating

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You don’t have to run over a tanker to create cracks in the foundation. They appear on their own with time until you find them unexpectedly while fetching a racket or your clothes from the storage or while weeding a flower bed.

Although concrete foundations tend to offer solid support to your homes, they too can not last forever, Cracks in the foundation can appear anywhere for uncountable reasons, but there is one guaranteed solution to fixing them.

Weatherskin in Vancouver offers you a washable waterproof coating for foundation and basements. Otherwise, the cracked surface might cause leakages and other problems and ruin the visual appeal of your home.

How Epoxy Repairs Concrete Cracks

A concrete foundation can be repaired using different techniques and methods with epoxy, such as the epoxy injection. The method employed depends on how wide, long, or deep the crack is. Usually, cracks result from temperature cadences, wrong joint placements, stress, and other external factors.

However, the procedure used for repairing these cracks differs according to the location and the cracks being either horizontal or vertical. In this blog, Weatheskin introduces you to some recommendations when repairing cracks using epoxy.

Application of Epoxy

The prerequisite to filling the cracks with epoxy is to make sure that the concrete is not subject to further movement. Once the cause of the crack is confirmed, and no more movement is expected, you can move ahead with filling the gap with epoxy.

The visible cracks that run through a concrete surface can be injected with epoxy. You might require a more flowable epoxy for the process, or you change the method of injecting. You have to make sure that the epoxy is injected closely so that it seeps deep into the crack.

It is not advised to use epoxy for structural cracks. Therefore, let your foundation coating contractor determine the cause of the crack. If there is water trapped inside the crack, a water repellent epoxy product is used for residential waterproofing.

Filling The Cracks With Epoxy

To fill up the gap with the epoxy solution, you need to clear out the crack area. It will ensure that the epoxy has securely bonded to the sides of the crack. A wired brush or a water jet can be used to clean the area. Allow it to dry before injecting the solution. To dry out the cracks faster, you can also use air dryers.

Ideally, cracks are repaired by widening them into V-shape that generates a more resistant finishing.

Installation of Ports

Ports are used to inject epoxy, which eliminates the need for drilling. Proper spacing between the ports is required to ensure that epoxy is properly injected. When the ports are installed, you will need to seal the top of the crack. Apply the epoxy paste to cover the crack along its length and let it dry. Once the paste dries out, you can inject epoxy into the crack.

The Process of Injecting

Begin injecting at the lowest port. Keep up with the application until the epoxy begins to come out of the next port or is no longer flowing in the crack. In case the cracks are horizontal, start the application at the widest point. Repeat the process until no more epoxy flows out, and then remove the cartridge. It is essential to apply constant pressure so that there are no voids below the surface. With the completion of the injection process, you can remove the ports to seal the crack from the top.

Tidbits On Crack Repairing With Epoxy

There are some common issues that you might encounter during the concrete repair process. To overcome these, make sure you are mindful of the following:

  • You need to increase pressure for larger cracks
  • While filling wider cracks, wait for the epoxy to settle before injecting more of it
  • Slowly increase the pressure
  • Along with a chisel or scraper, you can even use a heat gun to remove the epoxy paste
  • Clean the crack as the accumulated debris can result in epoxy backflow

Although the above insight into crack repairing using epoxy might help you, it is always wiser to get professional help. Making the foundation of your building stronger is imperative for its longevity and your safety.

Weatherskin in Vancouver offers you the best epoxy floor coatings, using high-end and sophisticated technology.

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