Choosing The Best Elastomeric Roof Coating For Commercial Buildings

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Solid roofing for commercial buildings is essential to save yourself the frequent costly repairs and hefty bills resulting from increased energy bills. Not getting things right the first time results in frustration over the painful repairing process and the downtime that it leads to.

However, elastomeric roof coatings offer a viable and safe option to make your commercial roof strong enough to put up with weather cadences and prevent leaks. These eco-friendly coatings can be applied to any roof type and can even help bring down your building’s temperature.

The forgiving and resilient elastomeric roofing requires considering many factors so that you give your roof the best coating that benefits in the long run. Let’s delve into these factors and find the best and sturdy option for your commercial roofs.

Factors For Choosing The Best Elastomeric Roof Coating

Choosing the best elastomeric roof coating for your roof requires determining certain physical properties to get the perfect match for your roof. Since every roof has different construction, material, location, and sunlight exposure, you have to choose a coating with properties that perform well on every count. These properties include:

Tear Resistance

As the name suggests, tear-resistance ensures that the roof remains intact and protected from shifts in the environment and foot traffic. It prevents the cracks that otherwise start appearing in the roof with time due to the temperature changes in the surroundings. Weatherskin coatings offer eco-smart coatings in Vancouver that seal and sew up the roofs, making them look brand new.


Although elastomeric roofing is flexible, the measure of its elasticity will help you in making the right choice. Elasticity for the roof coating is important as any roof material expands and contracts with the temperature changes. These constant movements result in cracks, therefore, roofing that has higher elasticity will be able to endure the fluctuations.

Tensile Strength

The constant exposure to weather makes the roof coating deteriorate with time. You can ask for third-party tensile strength measurement for the coating after it has been exposed to various elements. It gives you an idea when comparing with other materials so that you choose a coating that has higher value and quality.


Gauging the adhesion of the coating gives you the idea of how strongly the coating remains attached to the roof surface. The better the adhesion and attachment, the stronger the protection your elastomeric coating will offer.


Every material you used on the roof or walls of a building has a reflectivity measure. The reflectivity measure gives an idea of the amount of solar heat reflected by the roof. A reflective material keeps the building cool by reflecting the heat rays thrown at it, which holds back your energy bills and reduces the maintenance needs that arise from the UV damage and thermal shock.

Moisture Gain By Weight

Moisture gain by weight calculates the amount of water absorbed relative to water repealed. A coating that repels water rather than absorbing it is preferred to prevent material aging and deterioration. Water absorbing causes increase in moisture levels that eat away at the material, making it vulnerable to further damage by other factors such as weather or other natural causes.

The Perm Factor

Perm factor demonstrates the coating’s resistance to moisture vapor passing through it. The lower the number, the more protected the coating as the moisture is unable to undo the coating that holds the roof together firmly.

Choosing the right elastomeric roof coating for your commercial building requires considering other factors too apart from the physical properties of the material. You have to survey the market to find yourself the best company and option for a long-term investment in quality material. Weatherskin Coatings offer you the best material and application of the elastomeric coating in Vancouver so that your building stands all tall in its grandiose throughout the year forever!

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